Hello, David Bowie…

David Bowie’s passing knocked me back on my way to work this morning, while I was driving mindlessly forward, half asleep in an under-caffeinated allergy haze. This warm winter has been strange enough…and this past year filled with loss and unseasonable change.

I was not a #1 Bowie fan. I suppose I took for granted that he’d always be around, as much of his music and colorful cultural interjections have always been in the background of my life. He was the wild seventies into which I was born; he danced across the TV screens that raised me in the eighties; he echoed through the high school hallways in the nineties as Kurt Cobain crooned his songs to the grunge generation; he was a familiar tune that popped up in the two-thousands when I’d go out to dance with my grad school buddies. There has never been a time without Bowie, and I believe there never will be. His power is too bright.

He was an outcast who became an emblem for individual expression, musical shape shifting, political exploration, gender fluidity, theatricality with artistic depth and substance. Challenging norms, he sought equality, to provide power to those who were marginalized. His ongoing wonderful weirdness will be missed. But think of how lucky we are to have a long and wide-ranging catalogue of his creative and humanistic endeavours. David Bowie has always been and will always be…

“Let’s Dance”

“The Man Who Sold the World” Live at the beeb

David Bowie spoke out about the lack of black artists represented on MTV, from Bitch media

“David Bowie: What I’ve Learned…” from Esquire



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